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I have a MacBook and I'm not sure how to download trickster on it :(

//I’m not sure how since I never used it. I remember users played TO (in general) from Macs by downloading a PC Simulator with the suitable Windows version.

Also I do remember that rTO is in a huge zip, so downloading might take a while…

Also not as active. I play whenever I feel like it. I still never donated a single penny on this site, even though it’s items is making me want that crap.

Now all I need is Satoko and my magical girls is complete. ;;

Mami is kawaii desu. I thank rTO (GM_Wan) for bringing the JP content over, even though I have to risk selling my best Lv. 120 pet, fully AP comped just to get this time-looping loli. She talks and she can auto-loop. Fangasm!

I like how I look so far, even though Mami looks a bit silly.


プリンセスオディニア | 黒潮麻紀 [pixiv]


「log*」/「あしす」の漫画 [pixiv]

Wow. Sometimes I am happy that I’m not on rTO all the time. Recent drama that end up GM_Sky banned from his position as a GM and most likely banned from the game overall.

Aran has the summary told of this drama:


はろうぃん | 黒潮麻紀 [pixiv]


log* | あしす [pixiv]


log* | あしす [pixiv]


Trciskter Online postcard for AX :o)

I hope my sister finds your booth. :O